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Sermon Audio Files

5 July 2015 - 29 November 2015

On this page are audio files for select 2015 services. Unless otherwise identified, the sermons are given by Rev. Cynthia Snavely, Minister, Goodloe Memorial Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Audio files normally do not have have the music sung/played during the services due to copyright restrictions


November 29  Being Thankful for Other People's Religions   Dick Wobus
What happens when we visit someone else's house of worship, and what happens when someone who has no intent to convert to Unitarian Universalism worships with us?   20151129-ThankfulForOtheReligions-Wobus.mp3

November 22  When 1+1=3 Rev. Christina Leone Tracy
What does it mean to gather in UU church community? Join us for an exploration of what amazing and miraculous thing happens when we gather together intentionally and with purpose. 20151122-When1plus1equal3-Tracy.mp3

November 15  Time for Reflection and Mourning Karen Scrivo
A time for reflection, meditation and music as we at Goodloe mourn the loss of so many innocent lives in Paris and Beirut and join with those there and throughout the world standing on the side of love.


November 1 Unitarian Universalism and Islam Dick Morris

With roots in liberal Christianity, how can Unitarian Universalists find a path to friendship with Muslims in our community and our world? (Note - the beginning of the service was not recorded due to technical porblems, but the sermon is included in full)  20151101-UUismAndIslam-Morris.mp3

October 25 The Thinning Veil between Worlds: Samhain and Dia de los Muertos  Angela Peerman, Jackie Lord
Various cultures of the world celebrate the annual passage from warm weather to cold as a time of reflection. Today we participate in two such celebrations: Samhain (pronounced SOW-in), the Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter; and Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a Mexican holiday of gathering to pray for and remember friends and family who have died.  20151025-TheThinningVeil-PeermanAndLord.mp3

September 27 A Parting Blessing Rev. Cyn Snavely

This will be my last Sunday with you. I remember words from T. S. Eliot, “What we call a beginning is often the end and to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”   20150927-PartingBlessing.mp3

September 20 We Begin Again in Love (Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur Celebration) Rev. Cyn Snavely
Yom Kippur begins at sundown, Tuesday, September 22 and ends at sundown Wednesday, September 23. Whether you choose to fast or not, make it a day for resolution of conflicts and new beginnings.


September 6 Economic Justice Rev. Cyn Snavely
On this Labor Day weekend we consider this commitment from the website of the Unitarian Universalist Association, “We work for justice, equity, and compassion in our relationships and systemic change in our society. We know that the escalation of economic inequality undergirds a thousand injustices, from climate change to homelessness, from mass incarceration to low-wage worker exploitation. Economic inequality also disproportionately impacts people of color. A better world is possible, and we strive to be part of the solution.” 20150905-EconomicJustice.mp3

August 30 Memories Are Made of This Sally Raymond
One of our favorite pass times is to say "Remember when.....?" We often relish repeating the pleasant shared memories we hold with a friend or loved one. But what exactly do we remember and why. Looking at what we remember can be complicated and interesting.   20150830-Memories-Raymond.mp3

August 23 With Liberty and Justice for All Dick Wobus
With these words we make wide-reaching promises to each other as Americans, and we make similar promises to each other as Unitarian Universalists. How do we balance the demands of liberty and of justice when they seem to conflict?


August 16 Sustainability: A Moral Challenge Jackie Lord
Our actions are changing the planet on which we live. What legacy do we want to leave for future generations?


August 9 The Great Divide Dick Morris
Dr. King’s dream of integration and integrated schools seems to be fading, as cities in the Northeast and Midwest become increasingly segregated. Between 1970, when busing began, and the year 2000, more than a third of a million white residents left Prince George’s County. The same white flight has occurred in many cities like Cleveland and Baltimore. Why do we live apart? And what is our responsibility as white and black UUs, if we respect the inherent worth and dignity of every person?  20150809-TheGreatDivide-Morris.mp3

July 19 Where Are You Going, Son?   Rev. Cyn Snavely
President George W. Bush when declaring a National Children’s Day to be celebrated each year said, "Every child in every neighborhood has unique gifts to offer. We must nurture our children's dreams, help them develop their talents and abilities, and ensure their healthy development so that they may reach their full potential. Our success in this vital endeavor will affect the direction of their lives and the future strength and vitality of our Nation.” This service's title comes from a poem by Goodloe member, Aileen Sampson, which will be used in the service.  20150719-WhereAreYouGoingSon.mp3

July 12 No One is an Island Sid Soderholm
In 1624 John Donne published the poem "No Man is an Island." It caught my attention as a high school senior and continues to resonate with me. Its themes assert that each individual is an integral part of humankind and we grow spiritually when we feel joy in another's happiness and feel their pain in difficult times.

July 5 Being American  Rev. Cyn Snavely
On this Independence Day weekend we take time to reflect on the privileges and the responsibilities of being an American citizen.