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Religious Exploration
Teen World Religions Class

"The Sleeping Forest" an RE Playlet


UUA Central East Regional Group (CERG) On-Demand Webinar Archive

UUA CERG staff members have developed a number of seminars.

To participate, log on to www.cerguua.org/moodle and scroll down the extensive list of on-demand offerings. To access them, you'll need to log on to Moodle or, if you're a first time visitor, you'll need to register. Just follow the prompts. Contact Mark Bernstein if you need assistance.

Mark Bernstein
Regional Growth Development Consultant
Central East Region of the UUA





Goodloe Religious Exploration Program

The Goodloe Religious Exploration program includes workshops and activities for:

Children's Religious Exploration

Children Ages 4 - 10

10:45 - 11:45

Children are encouraged to attend the worship service. A “Time for All Ages” segment of the service is especially for the children and brings joy to the entire congregation. Children will be provided with "Kid Packs" that nclude activities and comic books around the themes of our 7 UU principles. Once a month, the  service is "intergenerational", designed to speak to children of all ages.


Adult Religious Exploration

Goodloe Services: May - August 2017

Goodloe Memorial UU Congregation encourages personal growth and spiritual engagement. Our services follow monthly themes which help us "delve deeper" into topics of value in our lives. We use Soul Matters (soulmatterssharingcircle.com) for resources to explore the themes along with other UU communities throughout the United States and Canada.

After an extended period of introspection and discussion, the Goodloe congregation identified our highest values and greatest aspirations, which we call our Five Touchstones --

  • Intimacy: Develop meaningful relationships with others in a supportive community
  • Ultimacy: Find deeper meaning in our lives and the holy in the world around us
  • UU Identity: Explore our religious tradition, Unitarian Universalism, through greater understanding of our Principles, Sources of Inspiration, history, and heritage.
  • Justice: Serve our congregation and community by our actions; partner with others to improve understanding and relationships; work to implement change for a fair and better world.
  • Learning: Develop greater understanding through personal exploration, from the experience and ideas of others, and by expressing ideas from our own experience

During the summer months (May, June, July, and August 2017) Goodloe will experiment with a new Sunday service style which is designed to explore and develop our “Touchstones". We will rotate between four types of services with different focuses-- exploring our themes in new ways each week.

  • UU Inspiration
    • Reflections or sermon, usually exploring a monthly theme, enhanced with spiritual readings and music. (Touchstones: UU Identity, Ultimacy)
  • Opening Minds
    • Guided discussion exploring a topic from the current education program. Information for discussion may be presented using videos or readings. (Touchstones: Learning, Ultimacy)
    • World Mythology: Our current Education program focuses on the exploration of world myths. Emphasis is on the context of the myth and approaches for interpreting the myth. We will explore local cultures that created the myth, and share how these myths can provide insights relevant to our own culture.
  • Reflective Conversations
    • Reflection which promotes thought, questions, and discussion related to the monthly theme.
    • Readings, videos, music, meditation, and spiritual practices which aid our exploration of specific questions may be included. (Touchstones: Intimacy, UU Identity, Justice)
  • Building community
    • Activities that promote connections within our congregation and beyond, into the wider community.
    • Possibilities include social justice activities, presentations from community groups, discussions, art, music, dance, videos, and spiritual practices. (Touchstones: Intimacy, Justice)


The New UU

Introduction to Unitarian Universalism

by Rev. Cynthia Snavely

The following Prezi on-line presentations provide an introduction to the Goodloe Memorial Unitarian Universalist Congregation and Unitarian Universalism in general


Religious Education Resources for parents and interested religious educators may be found at these websites: